School of Computer Science

Smart Priority Repair

Have you ever wondered about applying algorithms based on the game of Tetris? We from Project DKW apply that algorithm theory to apply the problem our client company has: which is to improve the repair efficiency and technician productivity in the service centre.

Vista DMS

Vista DMS is an offline, standalone, portable database management system meant for a single user. Features included with the app includes creation of customer profile, recording of customer orders, searching customer via personal details, viewing existing customer and their orders, editing and deleting customer and/or orders, cloud backup for database, and daily/monthly report generator.

iPlantation Mobile

This project is to develop an application with camera-based image recognition to identify and diagnose plant disease on mobile devices. The application enables users to identify plant disease and know efficient and suitable solutions without any expert knowledge.

Power Trouble

Our project title is called “Power Trouble”. It is an offline side scrolling game which can entertain and educate the users mainly from 10-18 years old to play. An interactive and fun-learning game which can help educate 10-18 years old on the topic “Future Energy”. The game focuses on the subjects; Solar and Hydroelectric energy.

Educational Game

The present project will be focused on developing an educational game focused on teaching basic Statistics topics on a university level in order to implement a modern teaching method by providing students with a game that are designed to help them learn about certain concepts and subjects as they play.

Educational Game for Statistics

This project aims to develop an educational game focused on teaching basic Statistics topics on a university level in order to implement a modern and interactive teaching method by providing an educational game that is designed to help them to learn certain concepts and subjects upon playing the game.

MUD Card Class Feedback System

This project will be focusing on developing MUD Card Class Feedback System which aims to become an active learning strategy which involves students giving immediate and anonymous feedback at the end of the class so that lecturers can prepare the content of the future classes based on the feedback.

Automatic Attendance System

The present project will be revolving around creating an attendance-taking system using facial recognition as a medium to gather data on student presence in a way that is unobtrusive and does not disturb class proceedings. A web dashboard will also be built to monitor or edit gathered data.