Educational Game

The present project will be focused on developing an educational game focused on teaching basic Statistics topics on a university level in order to implement a modern teaching method by providing students with a game that are designed to help them learn about certain concepts and subjects as they play.

This document, discusses an education gaming system. This project is primarily focused on developing an educational game that can be used by teachers, lecturers and students to improve the teaching and learning process of statistics. For a long time, math and statistics have been notorious to be a subject that is generally disliked by students. The traditional teaching and learning methods have shown some problems that causes students to lose motivation when learning this particular subject. This is due to the traditional teaching methods to focus solely on ‘teaching’ the students, and neglecting motivational aspects that should be given to the students in order for them to enjoy the learning process. This game is designed to solve that particular problem, students should have an enjoyable time while also being able to absorb the key learnings of the topic. This project will be developed solely by the development team from SoCIT, with the aim to create a working educational game, complete with all its proposed functionalities. Before the work begins on the development, the development team explored different aspects of the project. The research involved contrasting the relevant programming languages and resources that might be available during the system's implementation. The designers, on the other hand, will concentrate on the designing of the user interface of the game. The produced game should be able to cater students in their learning of Statistics, starting from the most basic concepts up to higher leveled concepts. This approach aims to provide lecturers and students with a better teaching and learning method through a fun and meaningful experience. Thus, the proposed game has the opportunity to grow into a platform where teachers and students from all around the world would be able to enjoy the privileges of the statistics educational game.

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