MUD Card Class Feedback System

This project will be focusing on developing MUD Card Class Feedback System which aims to become an active learning strategy which involves students giving immediate and anonymous feedback at the end of the class so that lecturers can prepare the content of the future classes based on the feedback.

MUD Card Class Feedback System is an all-in-one system that integrates functionalities of feedback, attendance system, class system and online quiz into one system. The system will be developed as a web application and a hybrid application that is only catered to students. In the system, lecturers and students attends classes according to their timetable. During the class, lecturers can manage the online quiz and allocate the quiz to the class so that students can attempt the online quiz. At the end of the class, the system collects feedback from students and extracts the keywords from the feedback using machine learning to suggest them as tags. The tags selected by students will aid the lecturers in filtering the feedback based on the keywords. The system also helps to analyse the feedback using analytic tool to give an overview of the feedback. In addition, the system automatically takes students attendance at the end of the class and generates student attendance report to be downloaded by the lecturers.

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