Power Trouble

Our project title is called “Power Trouble”. It is an offline side scrolling game which can entertain and educate the users mainly from 10-18 years old to play. An interactive and fun-learning game which can help educate 10-18 years old on the topic “Future Energy”. The game focuses on the subjects; Solar and Hydroelectric energy.

The game starts with a storyline. The story started with the Main Character (MC) one day waking up in an abandoned robot facility powered by a hydropower generator. The MC found his friends all powered down, leaving him alone in the facility. In order to complete the game, the players would need to help the MC to fix the hydroelectric generator in order to successfully power up the city and all the MC’s friends in the facility. The purpose of the storyline is to attract players’ attention to continue to play the game. Before the game starts, there would be a tutorial session for the players to play around and get used to the game. The player would need to move the MC to pick up a battery pack to put into one of MC’s friends. The MC’s friend's (AJ) purpose is to guide the player to get all the parts while explaining how the solar and hydropower generator work.

The game has four levels in total. The objective is to fix the hydroelectric generator which is located on the 4th floor of the facility. Currently, the MC is located on the ground floor. The player would need to help the MC to power up the door connecting to the next level in order to reach the 4th floor. Each time the player clears a level, the player will exit the level through a door and enters a corridor. The corridor will have a missing part of the hydropower generator which the player will need to collect in order to fix the hydroelectric generator. In the first level, the player would need to rotate mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a solar panel. The second level is to connect the solar panel which will produce most electricity to a generator. The third level is to use a solar panel to shine the light at the solar thermal receiver. Fourth level is to assemble the hydroelectric generator by dragging and dropping the parts into the correct location. After assembling the hydroelectric generator, the MC needs to determine which is the correct size turbine that will produce the most electricity. After the MC has completed his objectives, AJ will explain the concept of hydroelectric generator while the rest of MC’s friends and the city power up.

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