Vista DMS

Vista DMS is an offline, standalone, portable database management system meant for a single user. Features included with the app includes creation of customer profile, recording of customer orders, searching customer via personal details, viewing existing customer and their orders, editing and deleting customer and/or orders, cloud backup for database, and daily/monthly report generator.

Vista DMS is a database management system for an optical company VIsta Optics. It is an offline, standalone, and portable database management system meant for a single user only, which in this case would be the client. Our client’s name is Miss Florence Leow, one of the co owners of Vista Optics, an optical shop located in Kajang. This application is meant to assist in her business and reduce workload by digitalising customer information. Vista DMS is meant to visualise data in a more appealing manner, reduce paper and physical loads, while also being convenient to use. The application, while offline, is a webapp and will launch using a web browser.

Vista DMS is made using multiple coding platforms and languages, the main ones being React, SQLite, Maven, and Java Spring. React is a Javascript library and is used mainly to construct the front-end and UI of the application, while Maven and Java Spring are the back-ends which are the backbone of the system while connecting the database to the front-end and vice versa, and lastly SQLite is the database system which is portable along with the app and can be initialised and terminated accordingly without much hassle.

At its core, Vista DMS is used to record a customer’s details and the orders purchased. The user is able to create a new customer with relevant information such as name, ic, and phone number. Then, the customer’s order can be recorded. As it is an optical shop, order information is typically in the form of information related to the eyes and lens. The application also allows the user to view the list of customers and filter the list based on personal information. Multiple customer order records by a single customer can be done as there is a high chance of returning customers to occur. Other side features of the application includes a daily/monthly report generator of income and also an online backup to a cloud server.

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