The Zodiac Killer : Virtual Escape Room

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The Zodiac Killer is a virtual escape room organized by Diploma In Event Management students as part of their Event Project module. In this virtual escape room, participants will work in a team of three to collect clues and solve puzzle through different social media and online platforms. 

Batch 14 and 15 of Diploma in Event Management students organized their Event Project entitled The Zodiac Killer under the guidance of Ms. Ng Wai Yee. As part of their Event Project module, the students are required to plan and organize a recreational event. Due to the pandemic situation, the students came up with the idea of a virtual escape room where participants will collect clues and solve puzzle through different social media and online platforms. 12 Horoscopes and Zodiacs were used as the main idea and storyline of the event. The event also portrays a mysterious and horror theme. Similar to the concept of an escape room, participants are given a time limit to solve the puzzle and escape the room. 


The objective of this event was to create an event where people can enjoy from the comfort of their own home whilst staying safe. Additionally, to share a general knowledge on the 12 Horoscope and Zodiac through the games in the virtual escape room. The event had 3 sessions with a maximum capacity of 11 teams per session. There were a total of 99 participants who participated in this online event. The winners walk away with cash prizes and vouchers sponsored by the sponsor. The students had a good learning experience and gained new insights in planning and organizing an online event.



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